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Channel Loyalty

The cost of increasing channel partner loyalty is far lower compared to the cost of increasing consumer loyalty.

B2C loyalty programs for your end customers

✔ Channel loyalty programs & sales incentives

✔ Influencer programs

✔ Multi-layered programs

✔ Sales agent programs

✔ MDF & co-op funds management

Xcel Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} helps you develop your partner strengths and market potential through tried & tested proprietary platforms and loyalty software system in India and Asia PAC.

We’ll draw up your channel methods, build cost-efficient action plans and partner you thru any or all the phases of a loyalty program. From channel acquisition, certification and program development to partner motivation, influencer incentivising, dealings validation and reward fulfillment, we’ve got you coated.

Our tried and tested solutions embody comprehensive strategy development and end-to-end implementation of your loyalty programs. Our proprietary software system platforms greatly enhance efficiencies in value, time and reach of your loyalty initiatives. Our technology may be custom-made to figure in bike with any software system that you just may need already deployed to reinforce your loyalty initiatives.

While web-enabled technology is our backbone, we have a tendency to additionally run offline models that facilitate Indian firms communicate with and reward channel partners in areas with no property.

Our vary of rewards and incentives embody branded merchandise, white label product, single-store & multi-store vouchers and travel and experience-based incentives. Enough selections to customize a listing to the exacting desires of your channel partners.

Contact us today. We are here to work with you to plan, develop and implement just the right rewards program for your company.